Laura LyonLaura Lyon, M.Ed., has been a dedicated teacher of adults and children for over 40 years as an elementary teacher, literacy teacher, consultant and instructional coach in the field of literacy and creative writing. She has been a collage artist for decades and SoulCollage® facilitator since January 2011. She brings openness, humor, kindness and a welcoming attitude to this work. Her keen understanding of all aspects of the SoulCollage® process are a hallmark of her workshops. She offers workshops for Boulder Valley Schools through Lifelong Learning, Creative Life Center and in her own studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.- Democritus

“It has been five years since I began my SoulCollage® journey at Ghost Ranch in 2010, and through using the medium of collage, I have awakened to new understandings, possibilities and opportunities. My life often seems to spin with a mixture of productivity, idleness, joys, sorrows, focus, distractions and endless questions about what it all means. Although I often don’t have definitive answers to my questions, what I do know is that when I make a card or draw a card in a reading, I settle into gratitude for this gift of SoulCollage®, this artistic tool of expression that has helped me to be more consciously ALIVE. Using my intuition and imagination to create an image of some aspect of myself and my relationship to others and the world is mystically enlightening and fascinating.”

Laura is certified as a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer, which is a profoundly transformative and deeply nourishing form of healing. It integrates the wisdom of Buddhist teachings of nonduality with the wisdom of the Tree of Life, along with modern psychological insight.  The work of SoulCollage® and Nondual Kabbalistic Healings go hand in hand to include and unify all of the many aspects of self on this human journey of life.