Throughout her journey, Laura has connected with many mentors and found invaluable resources.   Here are just of few of the many that influence her work.

Carolyn Jennings:

Carolyn Jennings is a Journal to the Self® Certified Instructor and conducts wonderful writing workshops and classes listed through her website. Commenting on her experience with SoulCollage®she writes, “When I wandered into my first experience of SoulCollage®, facilitated by Laura, I was astonished when whole new parts of me opened, diving into images and creating cards. Laura and I began to play with the journal techniques I knew to reach better understanding of the parts of ourselves represented in our cards.  Like peanut butter and chocolate, combining the processes was instantly a hit.” Laura and Carolyn have been working together using SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® to create workshops filled with image-wisdom and word-wisdom.

Creative Life Center:

Creative Life Center provides ways to renew your spirit, body, and life through art, music, movement, healing, writing, and other practices.  Explore this site to see what opportunites are waiting for you. Laura has taught SoulCollage® workshops at the center.

Brenda Blessings:

NonDual Kabbalistic Healing is profoundly transformative and a deeply nourishing form of healing, one that can integrate well with SoulCollage®. As a graduate student of Brenda Blessings and NonDual Kabbalistic healing, this website provides more information about her and the school.

Book: Kabbalistic Healing, A Path to an Awakened Soul by Jason Shulman

SoulCollage®, Inc:

Book: SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost

Lion’s Breath Counseling:

 At Lion’s Breath Counseling, April Pojman’s experiential nature-based psychotherapy helps clients to release aspects of the past to clear the way for authentic self-expression. She creatively uses SoulCollage® as one way to work with clients.