Creative Metamorphosis

Like a chrysalis folded tightly

suspended and confined,

I waited for new inspiration

dormant too long from painting.

Yet transforming quietly within

readying for the right conditions,

wanting productivity and more connection.


Then I found Laura and her SoulCollage class.

This creativity became my beckoning season.

Searching for photos of family and friends,

combining animal companions, spiritual,

and archetypal figures was engaging.

Intuitively arranging these images on cards

and letting them speak to me while journaling,

I realized that I could paint my beautiful

and meaningful compositions.


As the butterfly found in my second chakra,

I emerged into a rebirth fluttering with my brush.

New confidence to seize the day

as life is short for a butterfly.

Joyously soaring through the fields of expression

with plentiful nectar to feast upon.


~Kate Sladen, Boulder, CO

SoulCollage® takes me out of the hectic pace of my mind and the world and settles me into the deep, slow, wise, flowing place of intuition and creativity. It gives me the best of deeply personal, reflective time to create, imagine, compost and consider; as well as rest in the arms of community – the wisdom, understanding, witness, sharing and laughter of kindred spirits, a community of heart and creativity.  I always leave replenished, centered and richer for the experience, or with some insight, intuition or even questions that have opened up inside me about what I have put on a card.  Laura makes SoulCollage® so easy – not only with the space and tools, but with who and how she is – good humored, accepting, patient, kind, interested, helpful, warm and welcoming.  Plus she thinks of vibrant themes and brings research and creation to each theme.  Before I did SoulCollage®I was missing that place that images can reach that words can’t, not only in the creation and the Readings, but also in having the visual near at hand daily, in seeing all these parts of myself and my life.

Carolyn J, Westiminster, CO

SoulCollage® is an exploratory unfolding, a type of self-discovery that lets the unconscious come out through images. Sometimes, the way that the cards turn out and what wants to be expressed is a surprise to me. Through this process am able to externalize different parts of myself on the cards, which helps me to understand and build more intimate relationships between all the parts within myself. I also enjoy the sense of community at Laura’s studio and feel comfortable knowing that everyone there is doing the same kind of self exploration.

April P, Boulder

SoulCollage® is a spiritual practice that I like to think of as a portal that opens only to engage the spirit in profound and meaningful ways, leaving the ego behind.  The process of SoulCollage® begins with intuitively selecting images to be arranged on a card.  What emerges is something that then speaks from the depths of the soul representing our energy as well as our place in the greater scheme of things.   I attend every SoulCollage® workshop I can because I relish the process of ‘working alone’ in community with like-minded people who are also on a path to greater personal growth and the deepening of their life experience.

Laura’s Studio is the warmest, most inviting place I know.  She is a skilled educator and spiritual leader with a sweet and gentle nature, who engages in the process with her students in such a way that continually expands the experience.

Maria R., LCSW, Wheatridge, CO

I have been to seven of Laura’s classes.  I go in with no expectations.  I always leave full of rich revelations.  No matter what mood I arrive with, I leave uplifted and grateful for imprinting my creative soul in a beautiful collage.

Gail S, Broomfield

Before I started doing SoulCollage®, I was missing an organizing principle for doing collage work, the medium I’ve always most loved.  But also, something I was unaware of before I came to Laura’s Studio, a place to be uninterrupted with my process. Coming to the studio is an invitation to stop and listen to the inner voice; to bring, through pictures, a vision of what I hear there for myself.  It’s revelatory and sometimes surprising.  Sometimes the feelings and images are longing to manifest.  Here I can set aside my quotidian life and enter a different place, surrounded by others seeking and finding. I come to the studio to enter this cathedral in time of creativity and intent listening.

Linda S, Boulder, CO

SoulCollage® instantly was a great way to connect with my creative side and with friends and family socially. Over the years those connections are still true but have deepened. It has been a way for me to communicate on a level that doesn’t always get expressed in my day-to-day life. I cherish the bonds I am developing through the SoulCollage® community and I am learning to appreciate and trust my personal wisdom and expression that comes forth during the process.

Jen L, Lafayette, CO

Excavating one’s soul for the purpose of becoming the best Human Being possible is one of the uniquely awesome qualities of being human. My daily journaling practice uncovered many of my unique qualities, and has helped me to dig deeper, dust off and clean the remains of me after difficult times and grow. However, adding SoulCollage® this daily writing practice has taken me to unexplored territory of my soul, I am excavating more, digging further into the essence of me, and finding qualities that I thought were buried forever. The difference? To me, it is first and foremost Laura, an amazing lead archaeologist, and it is also the other women in this community of archaeologists who lend compassion, insight, and safety to the sometimes scary, always wonderful work of excavating our souls. So, thank you for leading and providing space for us to become the best Human Beings possible.

Tammy S, Boulder, CO
Laura Lyon is a caring, gifted teacher and just an all around great person.  Her workshops are well planned, insightful, and fun; you will leave feeling inspired by who you are!   We are delighted to have Laura presenting workshops at the Creative Life Center, and I highly recommend her classes at Laura Lyon Studio and other locations as well.
                                                – Marcia C, Director Creative Life Center, Boulder CO